The best bone broth on the market. It’s not even close. Available soon for shipping to the east coast!

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We all know about the benefits of collagen, but…

How much collagen does every other marketed bone broth have? The answer is not much. They are all liquid at room temperature. This means that the producers do not add many bones to the pot. Our broth is a solid at room temperature. That’s because we add A LOT of bones. We can hardly cover the pot with a lid. This means much deeper flavor and much more collagen. We are confident that this is the best bone broth on the market. It’s not even close. Check out the brief video below to see the difference between our bone broth and one of our competitors.


We source our bones from small family farms all local to us. We are friends with all of the farmers. The cows graze outside on rotated pastures and are fed only grass. Check out their websites to learn about their sustainable practices!

Tussock Sedge Farm in Bucks County, PA:

Birchwood Farm and Dairy in Bucks County, PA:

Shady Fox Farm in Bucks County, PA:

Please beware of the term 100% grass-fed. The cows could be fed dried grass inside feed lots their entire lives. It’s a step above grain feed lots, but cows need to be outside, feeding on fresh grass!

The salt is important too! We use Redmond’s Real Salt®, an unrefined salt from an ancient sea bed in Utah. It has among the highest mineral content of any available salt. We use very little in our broth due to our customers having varying degrees of salt tolerance, so please add extra to your liking!

Redmond’s Real Salt®:

Beef Bone Broth

Four quarts of frozen beef bone broth. Free shipping. It will arrive frozen or cold in an insulated box with an ice pack.

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